5 Ways to finding a good Auto Mechanic

5 Ways to finding a good Auto Mechanic
5 Ways to finding a good Auto Mechanic

It’s important to know the route to take in order to keep your car running well – especially for those of us who feel like we are fumbling through a foreign language when it comes to auto maintenance! It is also important to find a good Auto Mechanic you can trust.

By following a few simple steps, you will never have to be off the road for long if there is a problem with your car:

  1. Research Auto Certification & Affiliation: most decent mechanics will be ASE certified, and have this displayed in their shop. Also, they will show which areas they specialize in (transmissions, brake repair, etc.) Another good indicator will be an affiliation with AAA, which will appear on AAA’s website.
  2. Friend/Family Referrals: most people you know have cars, and have had to bring them in for repairs at some point. Ask them which shops they prefer and how their experience was. Lots of auto mechanics rely on word of mouth, and don’t spend too much time with public marketing.
  3. Online Reviews: in this internet-driven era, you can look up almost any service or location and read reviews left by customers. It’s important to focus on an overall pattern of reviews, rather than just one single positive or negative.
  4. Perform More Online Research: lots of sites offer quick “sanity check” regarding prices on certain jobs and time frames involved to complete them. While these points will vary between shops, it will help to have ballpark figures in mind.
  5. Check Out Local Shops: swing by your local auto shops and look for clean areas and people fully engaged in work. Also make note of what kinds of vehicles are around, and if they are at all like your own.

It will also be important to remember the balance between price and convenience. Most larger, dealership shops provide lots of amenities to keep customers comfortable during long wait times, or provide shuttle service if a repair will take more than one day. However, these extras cost money, so if you are in a financial pinch this may not always be the best choice to make.

An advantage that larger shops have over smaller, independently owned places will be a heftier on-hand inventory of parts. Smaller places may have to special order parts for your vehicle, which can add a day or two onto your total repair time.

To get the most for your money and have a vehicle you can count on for your every-day life, make sure to talk face-to-face with whatever mechanic you choose. Putting a face to the vehicle they will be working on ensures that the mechanic will treat it, and you, as though you were family. Following these tips will have you back on the road quickly if you ever find yourself in need of repairs.