How to tell if your windshield wipers need replacement

How to tell if your windshield wipers need replacement
How to tell if your windshield wipers need replacement

No matter how great of a driver you are, you’ll have big problems on the road if you aren’t able to see. Windshield wipers are a small yet important element of vehicle maintenance, and it’s easy as ever to know when it’s time for a new pair.

It’s common practice that windshield wipers get replaced every six months. The easiest way people keep track of this is to buy a new pair (making sure what they buy matches their vehicle make and model) on Groundhog Day. No matter what the little guy predicts is in store for us – an early entry into Spring or six more weeks of Winter weather, you’ll be prepared to handle everything and can keep your windshield clear.

If you’re not sure you need new wipers, check for the following:

• Broken frame: the frame arms are detached at joints or connection points

• Metal corrosion, particularly at the claws or joints

• Any visible tears, cracks, or missing chunks in the edge of the rubber squeegee

• Check flexibility of the rubber squeegee by bending it gently back and forth. Aged or worn out squeegees will have a hard time conforming to the windshield, which will leave streaks or make squeaking sounds when in use

• Check the squeegee wiping edge to see if they are rounded, which can also limit contact of the blade to the windshield and result in streaks

When you install your fresh pair of windshield wiper blades, make sure to tug on the blade after installation, to make sure that it’s secure. Both a visual and physical check will guarantee your blades are properly installed and ready to keep your windshield clean and make your travels safe.