What to do with your thanksgiving leftovers

What to do with your thanksgiving leftovers
What to do with your thanksgiving leftovers

A day of amazing food and family is rapidly approaching, and no matter how you preplan for the event, there are always tons of leftovers to contend with! Instead of sticking to turkey sandwiches (either sliced or ground) for the next couple of weeks, consider trying out a few of these ideas:

• Pumpkin spice milkshakes: although dessert is usually the first to go, if there is any remaining it can be used in a blender with milk and ice cream to create a delicious treat

• Thanksgiving turkey nachos: take those turkey leftovers and turn them into a Mexican-inspired combination of zesty lime turkey, jalapeno peppers, or anything else you’d like to customize it with. Topping it off with cranberry salsa does the trick

• Baked eggs in stuffing cups: the ultimate breakfast comes to you via eggs baked in a cheesy stuffing, which is a wonderful way to repurpose leftovers, and would be a perfect post-Thanksgiving day brunch

• Turkey pot pie: although pot pie is a rather common way to use up turkey, many recipes can fall short. Try starting things off with creamed turkey, pack it with your favorite vegetables, then top it off with a store-bought crust to save yourself some work

• Curried turkey salad: this is another throwback recipe with improvements: this salad gets its tart flavor from yogurt, its sweetness from raisins, and some extra crunch from bits of toasted coconut

• Crispy turkey enchiladas: these enchiladas are the real deal among leftovers, offering up a spicy and flavorful taste. Most enchiladas use pork or chicken, but for this you can douse your turkey in red chile sauce before mixing in other enchilada ingredients

There are countless other ways you can take common leftovers and turn them into something spectacular for yourself or your family – however equally rewarding is finding someone less fortunate to share all this goodness with.

A great plan will be to drive around your city, finding homeless or women’s shelters that could use the extra food, visiting areas where you have seen folks asking for meals before, or even visiting the homes of friends, family, acquaintances, or even strangers where you know that food is a luxury that’s hard to come by.

Because you’ll be looking at a full afternoon or even an entire day of driving, it’ll be a good idea to make sure your car is fit for the task, beyond simply filling up your gas tank. Make sure your tires are full, your brakes are in working order, all your lights are functioning properly, and so on.