Top 10 Best Car Hacks to get you through the winter

Top 10 Best Car Hacks to get you through the winter
Top 10 Best Car Hacks to get you through the winter

When the snow is flying and the temperatures inch below zero, you already know that you’ll need extra time to get to work in the morning – not just for an accident free commute, but also to get your car warmed up and ready to go. For those of us who don’t have a garage and whose cars are left to fend for themselves against the elements, these 10 clever car hacks can make the frigid mornings a little easier:

• Fix foggy windshields: keeping a chalkboard eraser in your car will quickly clear up the condensation on the inside of the windshield that appears once we’ve closed ourselves into the car.

• Fog-proof windshields: to help prevent the aforementioned from happening, put shaving cream on the inside of your windshield, then wipe it off after a few moments. Making sure no water bottles/containers are left in your car overnight will help cut down on the moisture.

• Keep socks in glove box: having a pair to put over your shoes/boots will help if you ever have to push out of a snowbank by offering more traction. Alternatively, they can be an extra layer of warmth if you’re stuck waiting for a tow.

• Socks as windshield wiper covers: if you’re buying a pair for the glove box, grab a second set to use for your wipers. This will help to keep them from icing over throughout the night.

• Rubbing alcohol: in the event your wipers have frozen to the windshield, rubbing alcohol will free them up quickly. This can also be wiped on the blades to prevent them from freezing over the next time.

• De-icing locks: heat car key with a match or lighter prior to unlocking, or rub a squirt of hand sanitizer on both your key and the lock opening. Using WD-40 beforehand can also prevent locks from freezing over.

• Frosted/iced side mirrors: prevent this by covering them with a plastic baggie secured with clothespins or rubber bands.

• Headlight visibility: clarity can be increased by coating each one with toothpaste, then rinsing off with warm water.

• Keep vehicle under undercarriage clean: salt and other gunk can accumulate on the car’s undercarriage throughout winter. If you can’t make it to a car wash, using a lawn sprinkler on a slightly warmer day will do wonders.

• Kitty litter: keep a couple 20-lb bags in the trunk. Not only will you add weight to the back of the car, but spreading some out around your tires will also help provide traction if you’re ever stuck.