Spring Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

Spring Vehicle Maintenance Checklist
Spring Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

On the tail end of winter, people start making spring cleaning plans and lists for their homes… but many forget to put their vehicles on that list!

Your car has been through a lot this season, including instances which have taken its toll both externally and on the engine of your vehicle. It’s a good idea to treat your car with some spring maintenance TLC:

• Inspect windshield wipers: cold winter temperatures can eat away at the rubber, minimizing how effective they are. Now would be the time to switch back to blades optimized for summer conditions if your current ones are worn out.

• Check level and condition of oil: it’s a good rule of thumb to change your oil after every 3,000 miles, and considering how long the winter seasons lasts, this should not be left undone.

• Check your battery: because the upcoming warmer weather can wreak a different kind of havoc on a vehicle battery, it will be a good idea to have it inspected.

• Check coolant level: it will be important to keep coolant levels at capacity for the onset of spring and summer temperatures. It may be possible to have a flush-and-fill performed at your local auto shop.

• Test air conditioning system: you won’t want to hit the road in the summer with a system that’s lacking refrigerant, has a clogged condenser, leaks, or a loose drive belt!

• Check tire pressure: variations in the pressure are a common occurrence when the seasons change, and under-inflated tires can cause issues with tread wear or alignment. It may be time to have them rotated, too.

• Check under the hood and body: examine all belts and hoses, checking for cracks, fraying, swelling, or any leaks. If anything looks at all damaged, it will be helpful to replace things before the heat and humidity of the new season breaks these vital components down even more.

While a lot of these checks can be done on your own, if you feel at all unsure about what you’re looking for or if anything will need replacing, heading to your local auto shop for assistance will be a great way to have your vehicle prepped and ready for warmer weather.